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The Top 5 Committees to Create in Your Community

While the board is responsible for ensuring that the overall community runs smoothly, residents can volunteer to oversee a particular aspect of the community – or in other words, they can join committees. These committees ease the burden on boards while allowing homeowners to participate in the community at a lower level of commitment, making [...]

Does Your Community’s Social Media Policy Cover These 4 Key Things?

As more tools bring communities into the digital age, they also bring their own set of challenges. Social media is one of those moving targets. It’s a valuable tool that allows your board to communicate with homeowners with lightning speed about everything from maintenance reminders to event promotions – but it also has the potential [...]

How to Put the “Community” in Community Association

Being a board member is a multifaceted responsibility that involves planning, organizing, leading, and monitoring the affairs of your association.  Not only does the board run a business by selecting contractors and deciding when to perform what work, they also must administer and enforce the association’s governing documents, all while being a volunteer!  With all [...]