Ready, Set, Hut! How to Prep for the Perfect Super Bowl Watch Party

Ready, Set, Hut! How to Prep for the Perfect Super Bowl Watch Party

January 24, 2020

Are you ready for some football? An American tradition for over 50 years, the Super Bowl is a beloved event infamous for delicious food and plenty of fun. Whether you’re a lover of sports, food, or music, the Super Bowl has entertainment for everyone. We're here to help you tackle the biggest game of the year with these tips.

Ready: What to Know

Super Bowl 54 is on Sunday, February 2nd, in Miami, Florida. This year’s match-up will be between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, so if you’re planning to decorate with team colors, add red, scarlet, and gold to the list.FOX will be the official broadcaster of this year’s game, so tune into your local channel in time for kick-off at 5:30 CST. Including the halftime performance, the Super Bowl will last around 4 hours, which means you'll need to prep for an entire evening of fun.

Set: What to Buy

The Super Bowl ranks second among the top days of food consumption in the U.S. (falling only to Thanksgiving), so you’ll want to stock up on all the essentials early. Fill your shopping list with a variety of drinks and plenty of snacks to satisfy all your hungry guests. Choose finger-friendly foods like sandwiches, chips and dip, or a veggie tray. While you’re at the store, pick-up inexpensive serving trays to ensure you have enough platters for all the food.Pro Tip: Pull out your extra coolers to store beverages throughout the house, so guests don’t have to walk to the kitchen for a refill. And, be sure to pick up a few extra bags of ice to keep all your drinks chilled and ready to serve.

Hut! What to Prep

Before guests arrive, double-check that you have enough seating for everyone to see the game. If needed, have your friends bring over extra folding chairs and put out plenty of blankets and pillows so guests can lounge comfortably on the floor. In addition to the buffet line of food in the kitchen, set up smaller folding tables of food in the TV room so guests can get their grub on close to the action.Need ideas for food your guests will love? Check out our post, "Our Go-To Recipes for Football Season."