7 Summer Home Maintenance Tips

7 Summer Home Maintenance Tips

June 3, 2019

Every home requires routine cleaning, maintenance, and repairs, so many that it can often feel like you spend more time maintaining your home than you spend enjoying it. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By breaking up your home maintenance plan into small, bite-sized tasks, you can easily keep your home in order all year long. For many, this means scheduling maintenance, cleaning, and repair projects at the start of each new season. With summer swiftly approaching, now is the perfect time to get started. We've identified seven simple summertime maintenance projects that’ll help you enjoy your home this summer season.

  1. Check your home cooling system.

In most places, summertime means high temperatures. Make sure your home is ready for the heat by checking your cooling system. Before turning on your home A/C unit, be sure to check everything inside and out. Visually inspect your A/C unit and make sure it is free from debris. Look for signs of wear and tear on the wiring and your refrigerant lines and check for any blockages on your vents. If you aren’t sure what to look for, consider hiring a licensed professional to perform an annual inspection on your HVAC and A/C systems. The last thing you want is your A/C not working on a long, hot summer day.

  1. Check and replace air filters.

Part of your cooling check should include replacing your home air vent filters. New filters can help increase the air quality inside your home and will help prevent dust and pollen build up—not to mention potentially saving you money by increasing HVAC efficiency.

  1. Clean and reverse your ceiling fans.

Make the most of your home's ceiling fans by taking the time to clean and dust the blades. Your fans also should be rotating counterclockwise in the summer. This forward movement allows the fan to push fresh air down, which helps cool the room more efficiently. In contrast, fans in the wintertime should be set in reverse to help redistribute warm air that naturally rises.

  1. Protect against unwanted pests and bugs.

In most areas, bugs, pests, and rodents are more active in the summer. Keep your home protected from these unwanted guests by checking your basement or attic for any openings, cracks, or gaps. Once you seal up all your home's openings, consider spraying for bugs that are common to your area or hire a professional pest control provider. You can also help prevent bugs by getting rid of standing water around your home and doing all you can to maintain a clean kitchen.

  1. Check for leaks and water damage.

Left unchecked, even the smallest amount of water can cause a lot of damage to your home. Check your basement and attic spaces for potential leaks and for areas where outside rain and water can get in. Immediately repair any issues you find and hire a professional contractor when needed. Check and clean your gutter and downspouts as well, to ensure proper water drainage from rain.

  1. Pressure wash sidewalks, driveways, and decks.

Summer is a great time to enjoy being outdoors with your family. Take the time to clean out the outdoor living spaces you use the most. If it has been a while since you cleaned, then a pressure washer can help remove built-up dirt and grime. Pressure washers are also perfect for outdoor areas like sidewalks, driveways, and decks. If you don't own a pressure washer, check your local home improvement store for rentals. Be sure always to wear proper eye protection and follow safety instructions when using a pressure washer.

  1. Clean out your BBQ grills.

No summer is complete without a backyard BBQ. Pull out your grills now and clean them so you can be ready for your next party. For charcoal grills, grab some hot water and dish soap and give it a good scrubbing. Be sure to let it dry before using. For gas grills, close the lid, turn the heat on high for about an hour, and then when it cools down, give your grill a proper brushing. You can use a sponge and some cleaner on the outside.