New Gadget Alert: Robot Lawnmowers

New Gadget Alert: Robot Lawnmowers

June 21, 2019

There’s an ever-growing number of household switches, remotes, and appliances equipped with the latest and greatest technology. While many of these gadgets are built exclusively for inside your home, more tech-inspired devices are popping up in the lawn and garden section, too. If you’ve ever wished there was an easier way to mow your lawn, then we have the perfect new gadget alert for you. Robot lawnmowers are changing the future of lawn care, and we are breaking down the top five reasons to give them a try this summer.

  1. Save time.

Lawncare isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’ve spent your Saturdays mowing, edging, and trimming your lawn, then you know the long hours required to have the best grass on the block. Robot lawnmowers offer a way to get the same great results without all the hard work. Like a robot vacuum, once you have your mower programed you just set it and forget it—keeping your lawn trimmed without all the long weekend hours!

  1. Improve your lawn's health.

With less effort often comes underwhelming results. However, you may be surprised what an automated machine can do for your lawn's health. Robot lawnmowers mulch, meaning they recycle bite-sized grass clippings back into your lawn, providing fertilizer and nutrients for your growing grass.

  1. Decrease your carbon footprint.

Traditional mowers require a lot of gasoline and oil to keep running. In contrast, modern robot mowers are 100% electric, helping reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and eliminating clouds of smoke coming from your backyard every time you need to fire up the old mower.

  1. Avoid summer heat & allergies.

While some find a Zen-like relaxation from their weekly lawn routine, others hate the heat and hay fever that outdoor lawncare demands. If you’d rather avoid the heat and summer-time allergies, then robot lawnmowers are perfect for you.

  1. Reduce noise pollution.

If you’ve ever been jolted awake in the early AM by a lawnmower, then you know how loud traditional mowers can be. Robot mowers are shockingly quiet—not much louder than the hum of an in-window AC unit. Low noise allows these mowers to operate 24/7 without waking you or the neighbors.Popular Robot LawnmowersLooking for your own robot lawnmower? Check out these popular brands: