10 Years of TownSq: The Story Behind the World’s Largest Community Management App

10 Years of TownSq: The Story Behind the World’s Largest Community Management App

July 13, 2023

TownSq (initially called SocialCondo) was founded in 2013 in a garage in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Then, the community management industry depended on dated and inefficient spreadsheets, papers, and links to get things done. Work was tedious, administration was complex, and there was a lack of communication between neighbors.

Our founder’s goal was simple: to fill the need for more technology in the managed community market. Ten years later, TownSq has successfully achieved that—and so much more. Read on to learn about the history of TownSq and how our platform has made community living and management more agile, transparent, and cost-effective.  

How It Started: The Early Years

In the beginning, TownSq leveraged investments and resources from three key organizations: Startup Brazil, Startup Chile, and WOW Startup Accelerator.

Startup Brazil  

TownSq’s first incentive and growth opportunity came from Startup Brazil, a highly competitive program that aims to connect organizations with accelerators and boost the national startup ecosystem.

Startup Chile  

TownSq took the next steps in development with an investment from Startup Chile. Like Startup Brazil, Startup Chile is an initiative that:

  • Accelerates startups
  • Fosters a culture of entrepreneurship
  • Advances the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Attracts young talent
  • And stimulates economic growth.

WOW Startup Accelerator  

Following financial investments from Startup Brazil and Startup Chile, TownSq got involved with WOW Startup Accelerator, an accelerator with 300+ mentors and investors. Here, TownSq was financially encouraged and got on the right track with the best mentors.

Thinking Big: Next Steps Throughout the Years

After receiving critical support, TownSq experienced significant progress. Important milestones include:


TownSq expanded to the United States and opened its second headquarters in Dallas, Texas.


TownSq achieved 775,000 visitor permits with the app and performed integrations with the best North American management systems.


TownSq reached five million homes, was named one of the 100 startups to watch by a national magazine, and started the first certification program for professional liquidators.  


TownSq inaugurated its new headquarters in Brazil, was certified as one of the best places to work, and launched a new solution to assist liquidators and administrators through data intelligence and big data.


TownSq became part of the HOAM Ventures family, a company that backs, mentors, and partners with thought leaders, companies, and products that are revolutionizing the PropTech and real estate technology industries. TownSq reached 20,000 communities and became the biggest community management app in the world.

Our Values: Creating A Culture of Success

TownSq’s achievements and growth wouldn’t have been possible without determined employees. TownSq only employs like-minded people with the same goals, vision, and values. Our values make us who we are and have helped us establish a culture of success. Here’s what we do:

  • We think big. We believe that thinking big or small takes the same work. That's why we think big.
  • We're bold. We know that accomplishing amazing things involves taking risks, so we opt for smart risks.
  • We maximize impact. We focus on real impact and the best results, rather than processes and appearances.
  • We do the right thing. We do what's right, not what's convenient. We’re the change we want to see.
  • We have a sense of community. We always have time to help each other. We never say, "This isn’t my problem;” the "I" doesn’t exist without the "we."  

Understanding the Impact: TownSq Today

Ten years later, we can see the results of our efforts and still deliver high-quality features and customer support. TownSq is currently available to almost eight million residents in four countries. Nearly 25,000 communities use our platform and leverage our wide range of solutions.  

Looking to the Future: What’s Next for TownSq?

TownSq’s monumental worldwide success is thanks to the constant support of our employees, partners, and, of course, our customers. As we move forward, we’ll continue to create comprehensive, all-in-one solutions that make community living and management better and more efficient than ever.  

We appreciate your support and hope you’ll join us in this celebration. 💚