TownSq’s Digital Voting Feature: What It Is & Why You Need It

TownSq’s Digital Voting Feature: What It Is & Why You Need It

October 27, 2022

Voting is a key part of the community living experience, but all too often, in-person elections and paper ballots can negatively impact participation, hinder progress, and limit transparency. Fortunately, withTownSq’s Digital Voting feature, managing official HOA voting events is easier than ever—and using it can seriously benefit residents, boards, management companies, and community managers. Read on to learn about our Digital Voting feature, why you should implement it, and the best practices for use.

About TownSq’s Digital Voting Feature

TownSq’s Digital Voting feature creates a fresh mobile experience for an HOA’s major voting events. With hassle-free set-up and excellent customization, Digital Voting enables communities to collaborate, make better decisions, and:


·      Access real-time data reporting

·      Track voting progress

·      Improve participation rates

·      Set a specific voting time frame

·      Upload necessary voting-related documents

·      Provide unlimited questions

·      Option to conduct a secrete vote

·      Give residents access to results or keep them confidential

·      View votes based on unit fraction

·      Save time by not having to count paper ballots

·      Generate detailed reports in XLS or PDF format

Why You Should Use TownSq’s Digital Voting Feature

Whether you’re participating in or managing an election, DigitalVoting simplifies the process for everyone involved.

Voter Benefits

·      Vote from anywhere using a smartphone or computer

·      Experience increased participation

·      Receive reminder notifications

Administrator Benefits

·      Leverage simple and easy set-up

·      Track and meet quorum more efficiently

·      Access convenient data seamlessly

·      Reduce costs with limited printing and mailing fees

·      Store all data and outcomes directly in the app

“[Digital Voting] is incredibly user-friendly and cost-effective.I recently tried this feature on a large community that has trouble meeting quorum each year. By combining digital voting with the in-person meeting, we were able to meet quorum and hold a successful election! The best part about utilizing this…is that homeowners are already registered and did not have to sign-up for another website. We received very positive feedback from homeowners and the Board of Directors! I highly recommend this option to my communities.”– Jordan Monroe

How to Get the Most Out of TownSq’s Digital Voting Feature

Our experts recommend the following best practices to get the most out of our Digital Voting feature:

1.    Create ballots early.

Allow owners to view information ahead of time, so they’re prepared to cast their vote when the window opens.

2.    Post an announcement.

Use announcements to inform owners that voting will be held in TownSq. Let them know that participating is easy—even from their mobile device.

3.    Consolidate ballot items.

If your community has several items to vote on, add them all to one ballot.

4.    Leverage “secret” ballots.

This keeps voting confidential.

5.    Track real-time voting progress.

Monitor progress to determine if quorum is close to being met. If needed, admins can extend the voting window to ensure quorum is reached.

6.    Share results immediately.

Show the results right after the voting window closes and encourage owners to view results in the app.

Learn More About Digital Voting  

Are you ready to take digital voting to the next level? Contact us today to request a demo and learn more about our platform and features.