5 Tips for Meeting Quorum

5 Tips for Meeting Quorum

November 3, 2022

As we get closer to the end of the year, many of us will be conducting an election for board member positions.  As a manager or board member, getting the community involved and meeting Quorum is essential. 

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you successfully meet quorum in your next HOA voting session.

5 Tips for Meeting Quorum 

1. Provide ample notice

It is essential to provide advance notice for participants.  If you are conducting an in-person vote, you will want to ensure that you allow enough advance notice for attendees to get to the venue and make arrangements if needed. 

If you are a TownSq user, you could create a poll with different dates and times that homeowners could vote on, allowing you to pick the best option for your community members.

2. Send Reminders

Set up reminders, whether, via email or an announcement, that can be sent out to keep the date fresh in everyone’s minds.  You could also create a calendar event in your community’s event calendar that is accessible to everyone in the HOA.

3. Set an Agenda

It is crucial to keep everyone informed.  Provide them with an agenda to outline what the meeting will be about and what to expect.  Not only will this help prepare attendees, but it will also keep you on track and organized.

4. Offer Flexible attendance options

Not all residents are easily able to attend. Offer a few voting days/times so that everyone can attend. You could also move your vote online so that voters could vote from anywhere at their convenience. One of TownSq’s most loved features, Digital Voting allows for easy set-up, communication, and voting, all from your phone or computer.  With a vote more easily accessible, managers and boards find meeting quorum easier than ever.

5. Keep it interesting

It can be difficult to get homeowners’ attention and keep it.  Offer incentives, like a raffle, or provide enriched content in your annual meeting, such as a guest speaker, to encourage attendance.

By keeping these five tips in mind before your next election, you will see great results.

To learn more about TownSq’s Digital voting feature, click on the link below to set up a demo to see how easy and cost-effective our solution is for your community.