How to Pick the Best HOA Software for Your Community

How to Pick the Best HOA Software for Your Community

We live in a digital world, and it’s important for homeowners’ associations (HOAs) to embrace technology and adapt and evolve to meet the growing demands and expectations of residents. If your HOA hasn’t already implemented HOA software, now is the time to start.

There are countless HOA software platforms to choose from, and selecting the right one for your community can be an overwhelming endeavor. However, there are elements and functionalities that make some HOA software providers stand out from the rest. Read on to learn about the role of HOA software, top HOA software features, and more.

What’s HOA Software?

HOA software is a technology platform designed specifically for community associations and their managers, board members, and residents. This software helps key stakeholders effectively complete tasks like paying dues, communicating, planning events, maintaining documents, managing architectural requests, tracking violations, and more. Essentially, HOA software is a tool that HOAs can leverage to stay organized, fulfill duties, and sustain efficient operations.

Top HOA Software Features to Look For  

When conducting your research and weighing your options, be sure to look for an HOA software that offers the following features:

1. Website builder

All HOAs should have a community website to share information, enhance engagement, and appeal to prospective buyers. Partner with an HOA software provider that has a website building feature and makes it easy for HOAs to host and customize their own website. Website builder functionalities should include:

  • Unique domain: Your community should be able to create its own domain (
  • Customization: Users should be able to customize their website layout, photos, contacts, logos, fonts, and color scheme.  
  • Private user accounts: Users should be able to have secure and private sections that only registered users can use and access.
  • Simplicity: The website builder and website should be straightforward.
  • Mobile and computer compatibility: Your community website should be mobile and computer-friendly.

2. Document storage

From governing documents and meeting minutes to annual budgets and architectural request forms, HOAs have many important documents to keep track of. Your HOA software should offer document storage so residents, board members, managers, and other parties can conveniently access, view, and download meaningful information.

3. Communication suite

Good communication is key to a successful HOA. Guarantee all HOA members remain up to date and in the know by considering HOA software with:

  • Push notifications: Push notifications enable users to receive real-time alerts on their smartphones.
  • Announcements: Announcements let leaders share updates, reminders, and news quickly.
  • Private messaging: Private messaging allows specific groups, like board members and committees, to communicate one-on-one.
  • Polls: Polls are a way for residents to feel involved in decision-making outside of HOA meetings.
  • Forums: Forums are discussion boards where residents and board members can talk about a range of topics in various categories.  

4. Work order requests

HOA board members, managers, and residents have a lot on their plates. To ensure things get done correctly, on time, and within budget, it’s critical to prioritize structure and organization. Your HOA software should have a work order feature that permits residents to submit requests and see live updates. Managers and board members should also be able to assign and update recommendations as requests move through the completion cycle. An HOA software with the following features should be your top contender:

  • Requests can be sorted by pending, processed, closed, and complete
  • Work orders can be customized with detailed descriptions, photos, and contact information
  • Managers can receive instant notifications for their team to review
  • Management teams can assign requests to the appropriate person
  • Architectural requests can be submitted in the app and the whole process can be documented

5. Online payment portal

For the first time, over 90% of consumers say they have used some form of digital payment over the course of a year. With this boom in popularity, it’s crucial to find HOA software that has online payment options. Online payment options increase performance and financial accuracy, save time, decrease expenses, reduce late payments, and add a competitive advantage. When it comes to online payment portals, your HOA software should allow for:

  • Digital account management
  • Payment reporting and documentation
  • 24/7 financial record access
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Ability to make one-time or recurring payments
  • Payment reminders
  • Accounting software integration

TownSq: The Best HOA Software for Your Community

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