6 Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Party

6 Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Party

December 5, 2018

Hosting a party is the perfect way to bring family and friends together to celebrate the holiday season. Whether you’re new to the holiday party scene or a seasoned pro, these tips will make planning and hosting your event a breeze.

  1. Pick a theme.

Centering your party around one theme simplifies your hosting duties. A theme makes it easy to pick out decorations, drinks and menu items – and it creates anticipation and gets your guests excited.

  1. Send out invitations ahead of time.

Calendars tend to fill up quickly during the holidays, so be sure to send invitations out a few weeks in advance. Don’t worry about mailing out invitations, in most cases, an evite will suffice.

  1. Make food in advance.

Prepare as much food as you can before the party begins. Opt for appetizers and sides that you can heat up last minute. And, if you can, ask people to bring their own dishes. More often than not, people are happy to help out and show off their favorite recipes.

  1. Have a self-serve drink station.

Relieve some pressure by setting up a self-serve station for drinks. Stock up on glasses, ice, napkins and a variety of drink options for your guests to enjoy. This way you’ll only have to refresh the station when needed, not each individual glass.

  1. Play music.

No party is complete without good music. Craft your own festive playlist or find a pre-made one so you can set it and forget it and not have to focus on playing DJ all night.

  1. Don’t forget to have fun.

You’ve worked hard planning this party- you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor!Do you have any holiday party tips? Share them in the comments!