Driving Results and Strategic Insights: What We Learned at the ACAM-CEO Event 

Driving Results and Strategic Insights: What We Learned at the ACAM-CEO Event 

August 29, 2023

Established in 2011, the Alliance of Community Association Management-CEO (ACAM-CEO) was created with a core emphasis on accessibility, open dialogues, and fairness. In conjunction with the sponsors, the leaders and senior executives are deeply committed to the collaborative sharing of tools, services, and educational resources to enhance profitability and establish industry-wide benchmarks.  

This year, TownSq sponsored the event, and we successfully communicated our mission of easy HOA software with many potential audiences. We connected with important decision-makers during this gathering of like-minded people and walked away with an array of valuable insights. So, let's dive into some of the key lessons we learned from this incredible experience!

Attendees and Statistics: A Robust Gathering of Leaders

The ACAM-CEO event saw an impressive turnout of 120 management company leaders from 85 management companies nationwide. Notably, the highest percentage of attendees were from the southwest and west regions, reflecting the event's influence and appeal in these areas.  

There were also impressive numbers regarding the event's reach amongst some of the biggest management companies. These included:  

  • Six management companies with more than 500 associations.
  • 18 management companies with over 100 associations.
  • 22 management companies that handle 50-100 associations.

Highlights: A Tapestry of Memorable Moments

The event was filled with moments that deserve special mention. Mitch Krauss, a prominent panelist, gave two resounding shoutouts to TownSq while on stage and spotlighted our innovative approach to HOA software solutions. Our interactions with Sclazo Management were particularly promising, as they displayed a keen interest in TownSq paired with VMS capabilities. Some other moments to point out include the following:    

  • The theme of insights and analytics echoed throughout the event, aligned with our TownSq Business concept.  
  • Speed Networking sessions struck a chord with attendees, accentuating the significance of data-driven decision-making within the TownSq ecosystem.  
  • The heartening Happy Hour session with Cedar Management Group reaffirmed their commitment to collaboration.  
  • Our connections expanded beyond the horizon of HOA management. We engaged with banks, insurance companies, restoration companies, and vendor compliance companies, amplifying our reach and potential partnerships.  

Hot Topics: Fuel for Future Endeavors

The AMCA-CEO event was a hub of emerging industry trends and covered top-tier topics relevant to our industry, including:  

  • NPS (NAME) Scores
  • Cyber insurance
  • ChatGPT/AI
  • Data protection and technology for business insights
  • Tackling employee burnout through emotional fitness

Also, we had the opportunity to hear from an accomplished economist who spoke on the economic ramifications and offered a broader perspective on how inflation is impacting the HOA industry.  

Speed Networking: Elevating the Message

The intensive Speed Networking sessions were another highlight of the event. The essence of our message was received well, emphasizing the transformative power of TownSq for HOA management companies. Our succinct elevator pitch went something like this:

"TownSq is a forward-thinking HOA software company that enhances HOA management. We offer a fantastic feature that provides in-depth insights into your customers so you can understand their needs and preferences better.  

Our platform streamlines your business processes and creates operational efficiencies, making your life as an HOA management company a breeze. With TownSq, you'll have the tools to build thriving communities and take your management services to the next level.”

Final Comments: A Remarkable Success

The ACAM-CEO event was undeniably successful, aligning perfectly with our goals and aspirations. Our presence as attendees and sponsors was pivotal as we positioned our brand in front of a diverse group of key decision-makers and industry leaders. As we reflect on this event, we eagerly anticipate what's in store for TownSq's future developments to achieve even more significant growth and success.