Recent Launch of Three New Features Takes Community App TownSq to the Next Level

Recent Launch of Three New Features Takes Community App TownSq to the Next Level

May 5, 2020

Introducing a More Customizable TownSq with 3 New Features: Package Photo Confirmation, Blocking Reservations and Assignments and Requests Workflows

TownSq connects neighbors, board members and management teams through user-friendly, proven, and collaborative tools designed to enhance the community living experience.We continue to release new features that further ease and advance the TownSq user-experience. March and April saw the release of three new product features: Package Photo Confirmation, Blocking Reservations, and Assignments and Requests Workflows. The more than 6 million residents currently benefiting from TownSq will be pleased to learn that all three features are complementary and already available.

Package Photo Confirmation

The Package Photo Confirmation feature was suggested by TownSq customers and was escalated in priority during COVID-19 to decrease physical interaction, while simplifying the authorization of received deliveries. The health and safety of our users is our main priority, and our dedicated team was eager to complete this new release.Users will be pleased to learn that packages may optionally no longer require signatures upon arrival, but instead snapshots of completed deliveries will be taken and automatically sent to your TownSq account. The feature will also provide value for our high-rise customers that have staff to personally deliver packages to residents’ doors. Offer peace-of-mind to residents and staff alike that there is no question a package was left where it belongs.


Assignments and Requests Workflows

The Assignments and Requests Workflows feature optimizes your operational processes and slashes the time required to manage assignments and requests, and update your residents. Administrators can now easily allocate relevant tasks to the appropriate party who will then receive a notification through the TownSq platform, and a priority focus on their TownSq inbox. Each step will be visible in a tracker, so administrators may update and engage their residents on the task’s progression. By publicizing assignments and allowing the community to track workflows, the feature eliminates the tedious and repetitive work of individually updating curious residents on project statuses while making it clear who is responsible for the next step of completing a project. Additionally, the feature improves transparency with board members by making the value of the management company clear through all the day-to-day tasks they are accomplishing. Finally, by having a clear responsible party executing each step of a request there is no longer any question who needs to take action to ensure it is completed in a timely manner. This feature is available already online and on iPhones, and will be coming soon to Android devices!


Blocking Reservations

The Blocking Reservations Feature that went live in April was a direct result of valuable user-feedback and prompt action by our development team during a crisis. Blocking Reservations allows managers and board members to prohibit the ability to book amenities for a designated time period with a custom explanation. The ability to instantly prevent amenity reservations for selected dates helped community managers that needed to act quickly when the CDC released community guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Users with administrative access may configure reservation blocks for amenities during times of crisis, construction, interior remodeling, and other closures, rather than individually book each amenity for each time slot of each necessary day.


As you continue to adjust your community’s guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, TownSq is offering a Free COVID-19 Community Packet to benefit your community.

Coming Soon... Dark Mode

Available already on TownSq Business, and coming soon to TownSq, the ability to automatically adjust your hoa app from a “light mode” to a “dark mode” with a simple click allows users to further customize the TownSq platform. While some users prefer dark text against a white background for readability, the Dark Mode ability that features light text on a dark background can reduce eye strain, especially in low light settings. Damaging blue light that accompanies screen glare is greatly reduced in a dark mode setting where the majority of the screen is dark. Experience Dark Mode by tapping the settings button on your iPhone, choose “settings” and scroll until you find “Display and Brightness.” Under “Appearance,” you will find the option to toggle between “Light” and “Dark” modes. On an Android, open the option menu in the top-right corner. Choose ‘Settings” and scroll down until you find “Dark Mode.” Once you tap “enable,” your dark mode will be applied to the TownSq apps.


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