Partner Post: 5 Reasons Not to Hire an Interior Designer

Partner Post: 5 Reasons Not to Hire an Interior Designer

November 1, 2019

Your finger hovers over the call button.

You chew your lower lip.

You cast your eyes around the room one more time, seeking confirmation.

Oh, how to know?


men office ideas

I can help you out here.

Now, you may think advice on this question from an interior designer would not be completely impartial. Fear not! I have done this long enough that is it is pretty clear when a client is a great fit.

I’m going to tell you when you DON’T need a designer,

and I think you’ll be able to figure out when you DO need one.

Fair enough?

OK, here goes. Reasons not to hire an interior designer:

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1. You have no idea what you like.

Hmm. This seems a bit backward. “I thought a designer was supposed to help me know what to like.”

Which is true. Most of my clients do not have an idea of what they like until they see it, so I have some simple systems to help even the most confused, bearded truck driver figure out his style.

 As a designer, my job is to take YOUR thoughts on how you want your room to be used and how it should feel–and then help you craft a vision for the space with colors, finishes, furnishings, and placement.  However, if you have no ideas to begin with, any suggestions I make would simply make it my room, not yours. So it is important to come with an idea of what you love and let me craft it into your dream house.

If you are not exactly sure how to do this, that is okay. That is pretty common and as long as you have some starting opinions, we are in a great place.

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2. You just want someone to agree with your design choices.

Why pay someone to rubber-stamp your picks? One of the designer’s jobs is to bring some fresh perspective to your style, to inject ideas you may not have thought of, to solve problems together–that’s why a designer can be worth the investment.

This can get tough when I push someone to think outside their style, which (sorry) might be just a bit dated and old fashioned, and they keep reverting back to old, familiar ways.

It is important to be ready for new ideas and at least consider another option.

Or else, what is really the point of the time together, right?

Dallas Designer French Country


3. You are pretty sure you can do it without a designer.

You may be that one with a strong design sense and you’ve developed your own sources. You’re confident with the Internet and magazines as your partner and have a great sense of the style of your home.  You have time to visit stores, examine paint samples, facilitate returns, or contact companies that send an item that gets broken in delivery. You feel like you can create a flow that is cohesive and a finish-out that doesn’t look like Hobby Lobby had a clearance sale. (No offense, HL.)

In that case, you may not need professional advice: go for it!

But others definitely benefit from the de-stress a designer can help with: budgeting, planning, searching, choosing, purchasing, working with contractors–and, of course, coordinating the most important part: styling the final details. The benefit of outsourcing these time-consuming tasks leaves you free to do things ONLY YOU can do, like parent, work, or fulfill personal responsibilities. Or heck, just sit down and take a breath.

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4. You need it–yesterday.

A designer has sources and even cost-saving insights that can help you plan and complete your redo. What do you have that you’d like to reuse? Where is it important to spend your money?

It’s a big process and collaboration can be helpful.  When done correctly, it is not done overnight or in a week.

Are you in a hurry?

Do you have a big event coming up?

This might not be the right process for you to take on yet.

Most clients are satisfied when they have time and attention to put towards it and they are not rushed for choices and decisions.

And finally,


5. You haven’t yet made the decision to invest in your home’s beauty and function.

Even if you don’t have a large budget, you will need to be ready to commit some resources to improve your interiors.  If not, don’t hire a designer. Having said that, a designer CAN help you plan wisely and make your dollars go as far as possible.

What do you think? Could you benefit from a Professional Interior Designer?

If you’ve determined you DO need a residential interior designer and fit in this criteria, let’s talk!

I’d love to help you craft a vision for your home.

Have some questions? No problem! I offer a complimentary, no-strings-attached phone call consultation to help you figure out if it is the right fit for you.

Email me to book a call time–and let’s start making design fun!

Courtney is an award-winning interior designer in Dallas who specializes in decorating, renovation & home staging to help stuck people adore their home. She loves her historic cottage and has been published in Better Homes and Gardens, Kid’s Room, Best of Flea Market Style, Cottage and Bungalows, American Farmhouse and Dallas Morning News.Follow her daily projects on Instagram at @courtneywarrenhome & on Facebook at Courtney Warren Home.  See her complete portfolio of house tours at blog post originally appeared on 5 Reasons Not to Hire an Interior Designer and was republished with permission of Courtney Warren Home.