How to Increase Homeowner Satisfaction for the Associations you Manage

How to Increase Homeowner Satisfaction for the Associations you Manage

It should go without saying that when managing clients, their satisfaction should always be the top priority. When thinking about an HOA specifically, there are many ways to improve homeowner satisfaction within a subset of communities that can be streamlined by HOA software. Below we will discuss some of the many ways you can increase satisfaction in the associations you manage.

Software solution that highlights ease-of-use for a homeowner

Using the proper HOA software in a community provides many benefits, one of which is accessibility. With association management software such as TownSq, getting in touch with the people who can help is more accessible. A phone call or email becomes unnecessary because management can easily access homeowner complaints, comments, questions, and deliberations within an easy-to-use interface. For example, suppose a homeowner loses their dog. In that case, that homeowner can post in their community forum via TownSq. They can send a message directly to management without losing any vital information through the usual channels (I.e., email, phone, paper mail).

Below are a few ways HOA software can make otherwise tedious and stressful processes a quick and easy way to satisfy homeowners.

  • Communication is a critical component in an HOA and one of the many reasons residents can become unsatisfied. Using a platform that allows for accessible communication increases transparency and helps you as a manager understand the pulse of the community.
  • Maybe the most significant development in the online housing world is the ability to pay fees and dues via the software for your association. As long as you have a phone with service, homeowners can access the online payment integration through the HOA software from anywhere. 
  •  Digital voting is a must-have when managing an HOA. Getting people to turn up for in-person voting can be challenging. Making sure everyone feels represented and feels like they have had their voice heard can prove to be quite tricky. With HOA software, it’s possible to vote entirely online and have data recorded and compiled simultaneously. Through this feature, homeowners can post questions and comments about specific topics in the vote. This increases the interactions that you want from your homeowners.
  • Finding the information needed as homeowners, such as agreements, CC&R’s, meeting minutes, and more, can be challenging to find. You don’t want to wait for the right person from the association to connect with you to access an important document. With HOA software, you have access to any document you may need with the touch of a button. All the documents are located together in an easily accessible location directly on your smartphone or computer.

Continuously innovate to increase homeowner satisfaction

HOA software is updated and refined constantly like any other software or website. New features and tools are added to optimize satisfaction among homeowners and management. The tools and updated features are expertly crafted based on the needs of the homeowners, and those specific needs produce new ways for management to make the lives of the homeowners easier. TownSq has a few new features that illustrate precisely this. These features include the online voting mentioned above, along with two other processes that have made life easier for homeowners and managers alike. 

  • Inspections and Violations: As an administrator, users can send a message to all tenants giving a notice that there will be an inspection (for example, pest or foundation inspections). If an inspector discovers a violation during their assessment, they make note of this directly within TownSq, and management will be notified via the app. Then, management can send a specific notice communicating the violation to the homeowner directly. This cuts out a lot of unnecessary information that might otherwise be lost in communication. There’s no physical form that needs to be filled out; it’s all conveniently located within the software.
  • Architectural requests: This feature allows homeowners to contact management through a simple and efficiently utilized form through the software. They can send any request for changes to the foundation or physical structure of the building. For example, if the homeowner wants to add a hot tub to their back porch, they can fill out an architectural request, and the association will review it. This eliminates all the usual channels it may require to fulfill a request like this.

Involving homeowners in big decisions

With HOA software, it’s effortless to increase interactions among homeowners and management. It allows management to bring homeowners into the fold on decisions of any magnitude. Polls or digital voting are a great way to boost homeowners’’ participation in lower-level choices that can impact things in the short term or just to gather information. 

Online elections (or digital voting) can get homeowners to give their opinion on larger-scale decisions such as board member elections, event planning, or even maintenance on more critical aspects of the community. When homeowners are allowed to be a part of the decision-making process, huge decisions, there is a dramatic increase in homeowner satisfaction because they feel they are now a part of something bigger than themselves.

In summation, HOA software enhances the community experience and boosts homeowner satisfaction, leading to increased revenue built on the backbone of recurring interests. 

TownSq has crafted a case study for one of their largest clients, Goodwin & Co., located in Texas. In the case study, we document how TownSq has helped Goodwin boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and streamline support teams. Check it out below to hear Goodwin discuss it themselves.

If you’re interested in adopting TownSq in your communities and increasing homeowner satisfaction, book a demo with our sales team to learn more about how it might fit the needs of your business.