TownSq Feature Enhancements: Documents Feature

TownSq Feature Enhancements: Documents Feature

July 29, 2021

TownSq is pleased to announce a facelift on one of our most popular features within the TownSq App: Documents. After many ideas and requests from our users, we are proud to announce the updated feature and share all of the new tools that will be accessible inside of TownSq Documents. Let’s dive in!

TownSq Documents

As a refresher, Documents in the TownSq app is a user's one-stop shop for accessing any important documents related to that particular user's HOA or Condo Association. With Documents, users can upload, download, or comment on individual documents such as CC&R's, by-laws, or HOA rules & regulations, among many others.

Documents provide TownSq users a unique experience for managing important HOA information while ensuring that it is kept private, safe, and secure within the platform. The documents feature is accessible in one place at all times for users to access.

“View All Documents” or “By Category”:

  • Within the documents section of TownSq, you will notice an entirely new and fresh welcome screen. By default, upon opening “Documents,” all documents that you currently have access to will be shown on this screen.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, you will notice multiple “categories” of documents that are accessible to you. 
  • Any document that has been saved within a particular category will appear upon selection.
  • This gives TownSq users the opportunity to sort documents based on “View all documents” or by a specific “category.”

Private Categories

Private categories allow users to alter the visibility of categories within the app. This means that the permission settings for certain document categories can be altered so that only a specific group of people can see some documents, while those without the proper permissions cannot. With private categories, admins can increase discretion and ensure that the wrong group of people does not have access to see certain documents. For example, certain people can be prevented from viewing the HOA budget, or upcoming maintenance schedules that have yet to be announced, etc.

New to TownSq: “Subcategories”

  • Subcategories in the Documents feature are a way to further organize your communities documents. For example, if there is a category for “budget,” you may have subcategories for “yearly budget,” “January budget,” or “February budget.”
  • Subcategories can be edited by selecting “manage” in the top right corner of the app. 
  • You will also have the ability to edit existing categories and add subcategories to them as well!

To create a subcategory for an existing category:

  • Select “edit category”
  • Select (+) in the right-hand corner
  • Add as many subcategories as you wish
  • Edit any other sections if needed
  • To publish your changes select "save"
  • New subcategories will now appear

If you’d like to add a sub-category to a specific document, simply:

  • Select the pencil icon to the right of a document within TownSq
  • Under “subcategory,” select the category you wish to save the document under from the drop-down menu
  • Once finished, select “save” to publish changes

We have moved the document filter, but its functionality is the same

  • Now located in the top right section of the documents screen as the first option available, directly next to the search bar.
  • With the filter in the documents section, users are able to search by category, the format of the document, or the date range.
  • In the filter, make your selections, hit apply, and results will appear based on your criteria.

Our final update: viewing a document

  • When selecting a document, a preview menu will now appear.
  • This menu gives users more information than ever before. With the preview menu, users will be able to:
  • Download the document;
  • View the number of people who have seen the document (admin only);
  • View who uploaded the document;
  • View the document’s subcategories;
  • Granted the option to “edit” or “delete” the document.

We hope that TownSq users find this feature much more useful and user-friendly. Our goal is to ensure that users can follow a straightforward process when managing their community documents. With the updated filter, categories, subcategories, and preview menu for documents, we intend to provide the best experience possible when the need for accessing a document arises.

Let us know what you think of the new updates, and if you’ve never used TownSq, be sure to request a demo with our team to see this feature and others in action!