6 Ways Community Managers Can Increase HOA Client Satisfaction

6 Ways Community Managers Can Increase HOA Client Satisfaction

August 24, 2023

It’s no secret that homeowners’ associations (HOAs) are growing in popularity. According to the Community Associations Institute (CAI), 29% of the United States population resides in an HOA. And the best news? 89% of these residents rate their overall community association experience as very good or good (70%) or neutral (19%).

Community management companies and community managers play a large part in these resident satisfaction statistics. HOA board members partner with management professionals to support and help them make the neighborhood better. Because of this, managers should take their roles seriously and actively work to keep clients happy. Read on for six things community managers and community management companies can do to increase client satisfaction and make community living enjoyable.

1. Communicate openly and regularly.

Strong communication makes strong communities. When residents are in the know and up to date about what’s going on in their association, they feel included and have a positive experience. Community managers and board members should communicate well and often through multiple avenues, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Email blasts
  • Community websites
  • Social media
  • Phone calls
  • Community apps, like TownSq
  • Welcome packets

You can leverage these channels to set expectations, send progress reports and updates, and more. Ensure residents know how to contact you, acknowledge their messages, and get back to them promptly. If you aren’t around or available, residents may lose trust in you and your leadership.

2. Prioritize the customer experience.

HOA leaders hire community management companies and professional managers to complete tasks, offer support, lend expertise, and make the community an overall great place to live. Because HOAs have many management company options, the customer experience should be a top priority. You need to do things that make you stand out from the rest and demonstrate you truly care about your clients and their communities. Take the time to understand individual client needs, tailor solutions to meet specific requirements, and go the extra mile to exceed expectations. High-quality customer service boosts morale and enables long-term relationships.

3. Be financially transparent.

Residents pay HOA fees to maintain and enhance their community—and they have a right to know where their hard-earned money is going. Managers should be able to provide this information and share how their money is being used. You can mitigate financial miscommunications, misunderstandings, and concerns by:

  • Providing a breakdown of HOA financials
  • Presenting and explaining budgets
  • Being open about expenditures and assessments
  • Educating residents on what their assessments are for and how they can pay them
  • Regularly monitoring assessments
  • Consistently enforcing payment and collections policies
  • Assigning a dedicated person for payment questions and concerns

When you prove that you’re a responsible steward of funds, residents will see the value in your partnership and be confident in your capabilities and role.  

4. Stay reliable and consistent.

Consistency is key in the community association management industry. Many communities change management companies because of high turnover rates, inadequate service, and poor follow-through. You can combat these issues and retain clients by delivering on promises and minimizing mistakes and errors. If residents know they can count on you to get the job done, they’re more likely to stick around.

5. Resolve conflicts effectively.  

Unfortunately, conflicts are inevitable in HOAs. However, how you choose to manage conflicts is completely within your control and can make or break the relationship. Establish a fair and effective dispute resolution process and aim to reach resolutions professionally and peacefully. When approaching tough conversations, you should:

  • Show empathy. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try and see the situation from their perspective.
  • Actively listen. Listen carefully and never interrupt. Maintain eye contact, paraphrase, and ask open-ended questions.
  • Remain calm. An optimistic attitude makes finding a resolution much easier.
  • Communicate. Clearly communicate resolutions and action items and leave open lines of communication moving forward.

Showing you value community unification and harmony will keep residents content. They’ll know you’ll be there to remedy the situation instead of adding to the struggle when something goes awry.  

6. Facilitate community engagement.

One of the biggest benefits of HOAs is the sense of community and togetherness. But this doesn’t always come naturally; the best way to cultivate this coveted camaraderie is to help organize and encourage the board to host social events and gatherings. Popular community event ideas include:

  • Block parties
  • Holiday events
  • Decorating contests
  • Potlucks
  • Educational sessions

Remember: involved communities are happy communities. Bringing everyone together under positive circumstances builds stronger ties, creates a safer neighborhood, and fosters community spirit.  

Boost Client Satisfaction with TownSq

As a community manager, client satisfaction should be of the utmost importance. When managers communicate, prioritize the customer experience, are financially transparent, stay consistent, resolve conflicts effectively, and facilitate engagement, operations run smoothly, goals get achieved, quality of life is improved—and your job is more rewarding.


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