A letter from the President: Key takeaways from ACAM-CEO

A letter from the President: Key takeaways from ACAM-CEO

Last month we had the pleasure of attending the Alliance ofCommunity Association Management Chief Executive Officers (ACAM-CEO) conference. We always look forward to this event, as it’s a time for us to connect with leaders and hear about the challenges they face within the HOA and property management industry. We gain valuable insight into where our industry is headed, and we learn how we at TownSq can help simplify and assist managers as we move into the future.

A few key topics stood out to me at the conference: security, privacy, and staffing—both hiring and retaining. Here’s what I learned.

Protecting company and owner data is critical. Management companies expressed how challenging it can be to justify the significant investment that comes with keeping data secure. Not only is it difficult, but it can also be hard to find a trusted partner in the process. As technology advances, more and more managers and management companies are looking for protection from their software providers.

My discussions with existing partners solidified that TownSq continues to be a leader in the industry. Our clients can rest assured that their data is safe. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner by maintaining some of the highest security standards across the entire platform, and we’re highly protective of customer data.

The other issue that kept coming up—and is a universal problem—was employee retention. Management companies expressed concerns about high turnover and were looking for ways to make their managers' jobs easier. Unfortunately, being a manager can be a thankless job that requires a lot of time, so how do you combat that in this industry?  

Well, one way is by adopting property management software. It can provide a solution to access critical information from your computer or mobile device. 

TownSq offers a single intuitive platform with features made specifically with the community manager in mind. Our features help them save time, streamline processes, and work from anywhere. Management companies can view insights into manager and account performance to pinpoint who might need some extra attention, both from a manager level and community level. Our features also permit managers to automate previously manual processes, giving them time back in their day.

We’ve continued to see the growing need for technology. I think we’ll continue to see it evolve with enhanced features and capabilities that allow managers to have a more flexible work life. With everything you need in an app, you can work from anywhere and simplify your daily tasks and work more efficiently.

Overall, I think we can agree there’s a need to be flexible with our work-life balance while protecting the clients we serve. I’m excited about the direction we’re headed and look forward to taking the information we learned from these industry leaders to improve our offerings and continue to meet your needs in this space.