5 Smart Back-to-School Tips for Parents

5 Smart Back-to-School Tips for Parents

August 9, 2019

With another school year fast approaching, parents everywhere are starting to buy supplies and prepare their homes and children. If you’re looking for tips to make your life a little easier this school year, then we have you covered! Check out these five tips that’ll make going back to school a breeze for everyone.

1. Get organized.

School brings with it loads of new supplies, snacks, clothes, and papers. Stay on top of all the extra stuff by taking the time to get, and hopefully stay, organized. Focus on creating functional spaces that your kids can help manage, too. Having designated areas in your home for different activities can help a lot. To start, create a family command center where kids and parents can place calendars, to-dos lists, and all the incoming paperwork, permission slips, and assignments.

2. Create a visual schedule.

A successful school year often hinges on sticking to a schedule. Your kids are always old enough to help. For younger children, create a schedule using visual cues for each of the days' key activities—like brushing your teeth, cleaning your room, or making breakfast. You can use icons, drawn pictures, or even use photos for your schedule. Kids can check off tasks as they complete them on a dry erase board or move cards over to a completed category on a poster board.

3. Start a better routine.

When it comes to schedules, things run more smoothly when you have a solid routine. Try getting into a routine before school starts to help your family stay on track. Focus on making sure everyone gets the right amount of sleep, and don't forget to schedule time for after school activities and family time.

4. Meal prep.

Conquer the kitchen this year by prepping your meals ahead of time. Meal prep can be far more than brown-bag lunches. Try planning for breakfast and dinner, too. Use freezer bags and containers to prep healthy meals that can be warmed up in the oven or set to simmer on the slow cooker while you are away. You’ll love coming home to a pre-made meal after a long day of work and school.

5. Create a homework station.

No school year is complete without homework. Get prepped for the onslaught of papers with your very own homework station. If you don’t have a dedicated space in your kitchen or a den, then create a mobile solution with a rolling cart that can follow your kids to any room that’s available.