The Best of CES: Tech that Will Make Your Home & Life Better

The Best of CES: Tech that Will Make Your Home & Life Better

January 17, 2020

Each January, tech leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to showcase the biggest and best in gadgets, games, security, and software.

Here are the 2020 CES announcements, trends, and technology that will make your life better this year.Better Binge-Watching CES 2020 was the year of 8K televisions. Standouts include the Samsung Q950TS for its nearly borderless style infinity screen and the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R, which rolls down up when not in use. And, if you’re in the market to add a sound bar to your entertainment without the hassle of mounting and hiding wires, Visio just announced the Elevate, a soundbar that can be seamlessly docked with the company’s recently-announced OLED TV.

Better Home Security

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is taking on-the-go security to a new level, allowing users to lock their deadbolt from mobile devices. In addition to locking or unlocking the door, you can check door status, grant virtual guest keys, and see who’s coming and going.Another device that packs a punch against intruders is the Arlo Pro 3 battery-powered outdoor security camera. The HD, live-streaming camera has a built-in spotlight and siren. Arlo also offers an optional E911 service that will dispatch law enforcement to your home if there's a security issue, even if you're far away.

Better Sleep

Sleepless nights from a loved one who snores? Spouse, meet Motion Pillow. A box on your nightstand can record audio of your loved one as they sleep, and send the data to their phone for analysis. When the app detects snoring, the Motion Pillow will inflate in various positions to juggle their head around until they quiet down.

Better Connecting

In your quest to create a connected home, ever wish you could sync your echo dot with your google home mini? The industry consortium behind Bluetooth announced a new standard called LE Audio for synchronizing audio across devices regardless of who made them. It’ll still be a year or so before LE Audio is out in the real world, but it’ll eventually let you bring all your devices together for a truly connected experience.