New Gadget Alert: Flo by Moen

New Gadget Alert: Flo by Moen

September 6, 2019

Did you know that water damage is 5x more likely than theft, 6x more likely than fire, and 40% of homeowners will suffer from water damage? Right now, one of our favorite new gadgets, Flo by Moen, is aiming to help keep your home protected. Rated 7.2 overall by Cnet, Flo by Moen is the all-in-one security system for your home water—and you know the TownSq team is all about all-in-one products.Here are a few reasons why we love Flo.

  1. You’ll get alerts about leaks and other risk factors.

Flo‘s unique technology monitors your water system’s integrity and can detect any risk factors, no matter how small. In fact, almost 60% of homeowners discovered an unknown leak when they started using Flo. After installation, you’ll get proactive maintenance alerts, and get notified about an existing or potential leak or vulnerability so you can handle it right away.

  1. You’ll save money.

With Flo, you’ll save money on your water bill and insurance premiums. According to their website, about 13% of the water in your home gets lost from leaks—and that gets expensive quickly. Also, many insurance providers offer a generous discount on premiums if you have Flo.

  1. You can monitor and control usage.

With the Flo mobile app, you can see how much water you’re consuming on a daily basis, as well as the flow-rate, temperature, and pressure. You can also set conservation goals, track your progress, use sleep and away modes, and turn off your water with the tap of a button.To learn more, visit