TownSq: 2022 in Review‍

TownSq: 2022 in Review‍

2022 was a challenging but also incredible year. Our team worked nonstop in our mission to connect people to their neighbors and to bring the best experience to our clients. 

We are committed to always listening to our customers and are constantly working on improvements to make their lives and jobs easier. That’s what the whole year was about, and we are excited about what 2023 will bring!

Take a look at some of TownSq’s most significant highlights in 2022!


Additions to Digital Voting 

Digital Voting by TownSq allows community users to make important decisions in an easy-to-use, highly intuitive collaborative environment. With Digital Voting, community board members can create online polls via the TownSq app that allow their homeowners to vote on any topic from the comfort of their smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet and capture real-time results. 

After the success of launching Digital Voting in 2021, we took time in 2022 to make the feature even better with these enhancements: 

  • Digital Voting "Secret Ballot"
    Admins can allow the voters in a community to submit their votes anonymously.
  • Digital Voting - Multiple choice option
    Admins can configure questions with multiple-choice answers.
  • Digital Voting - Write-in option
    Admins can allow users to choose the option "Other" in the questions of the voting flow, which the users can answer.
  • Digital voting - Hide partial result

When the ballot privacy is Secret, the partial result is hidden until the end of the voting.

Easier Community Management 

Another goal of our team was to improve our solutions for Community Managers through the following improvements:

  • Assignments - Assign a task to a group

Besides being able to assign a task to a specific user, tasks can now be assigned to the responsible group. When assigned to a group, all its members will receive a notification about the task.

  • Requests - Notification to unanswered requests

An automation was created to notify the assignee by email when a request is unanswered for more than three business days to enhance response time and avoid unanswered requests. The user can deactivate this notification on their profile settings if they do not want to receive it.

Enhanced User Experience

We also put a lot of effort into improving the user experience through:

  • Feature updates for Assignments
  • Design updates for mobile
  • New profile and notification pages for easier configuration
  • Customized notifications by Request category
  • The ability to submit and pay Architecture Review projects using mobile devices 
  • The ability to edit and delete comments in Requests and Assignments 
  • A Shortcuts menu for easy access to the main features

TownSq Business

In 2020 we launched our Data Intelligence feature that allows management companies to monitor the performance of their managers and communities in a single platform. The main goal of this year was to provide management companies with more granular data to make better business decisions. We enhanced the insights that our clients wanted, allowing them to use metrics and KPIs to measure team performance and client satisfaction more precisely to reduce employee and client churn.

Other notable updates to help community managers with their daily activities include: 

As 2022 comes to a close, we can’t help but get excited for the new enhancements and launches that we will be bringing to you in the new year.

We’re looking forward to sharing our successes with you in 2023, and we want to thank you for being our customer!

Happy New Year from all of us at TownSq!