5 Tips for Making and Keeping New Year's Resolutions

5 Tips for Making and Keeping New Year's Resolutions

December 19, 2019

Setting goals at the start of a new year is a time-honored tradition that has been happening since the beginning of recorded history. While millions make resolutions every year, far less see them through. According to researchers, only 8% of people accomplish their New Year's goals and most drop off after just 30 days. If you’re looking to buck the trend of failed New Year’s resolutions, then we've got five tips to help!

1. Make a plan.

Your resolution plans should start before the ball drops on New Year's Eve. It's essential to get specific with what you want to accomplish in the new year. Make a thorough plan that includes specific accomplishments and a timeline in which you hope to complete them.

2. Team up with a friend.

Accountability is one of the biggest reasons people fail to see their resolutions through. Hold yourself accountable this year by teaming up with a trusted friend. They can be your accountability partner, or even join you in your efforts for things like going to the gym or spending less money.

3. Track your progress.

Take your plan and break it up into smaller segments that can be tracked along the way. Whether it’s pounds you want to lose or new books you want to read, try to give your goals a concrete way to be measured and checked off as you go.

4. Reward yourself.

When you hit trackable milestones, don't be afraid to reward yourself. Receiving positive reinforcements can go a long way in keeping you motivated to take your resolution across the finish line. Plus, it can be a good way to invest in your future.

5. Stay positive.

What many of these steps come down to is staying positive. The biggest battle you’ll have to fight in becoming a better person is often against yourself. Staying positive, even when it's easier not to be, will help create a new attitude that’ll change your resolution from a one-time goal to a new way of living your life.