How to Incorporate Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year in Your Home

How to Incorporate Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year in Your Home

January 31, 2020

For over two decades, the Pantone Color Institute™ has named a Color of the Year that encapsulates lifestyle, political, design, and industry trends for the upcoming 365 days.

For 2020, Pantone announced PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue as the Color of the Year—a shade chosen for its elegance, simplicity, and timelessness. The hue is suggestive of the sky at dusk and was selected because it instills calm, confidence, and connection.Adding Classic Blue to Your HomeWhen it comes to home decor, Classic Blue is an elegant tonal statement that can elevate the ambiance in your favorite spaces. Here are some ideas for adding Classic Blue to your home.

Living Room

Incorporate the color of the year in a statement pillow on your couch. Choose a fun, textured fabric or select a bold Classic Blue pattern for added dimension.


What better place to channel the simplicity and calm of Classic Blue than in your bedroom? Consider a Classic Blue throw blanket at the end of your bed or a blue candle on your nightstand for slow and restful evenings at home.KitchenAdd a blue to your green thumb by replanting your kitchen herbs and house plants in Classic Blue pots! Or, add blue to your diet this year. Blueberries hold vitamins and nutrients that support your health.


Take advantage of Classic Blue’s ability to instill confidence by incorporating the color’s vibrant hues in your bathroom. Add blue hand towels, a shower curtain, or scented soap.