Safely Manage Packages from Black Friday

Safely Manage Packages from Black Friday

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November 24, 2020

Black Friday is coming up in just a few days, and interestingly enough, residents will do most Black Friday shopping from the comfort of a couch or a bed. With the COVID-19 pandemic growing to be more dangerous than it has all year, every one of us is still having to remain indoors and distant from one another, making Black Friday shopping a tad difficult unless you head over to an online retailer. In 2014, total purchases made online totaled $1.3 Trillion. In 2020 year, during the pandemic, total online sales reached a whopping $4.2 Trillion. That is a 223% increase in just six years, with most of that increase coming in 2020 during the pandemic.

Why is this important for communities who use TownSq?

As residents all over the US submit online orders for the holidays, the more packages will be delivered through transit. Package records inside the TownSq app have more than doubled in the last few months, and we fully expect them to triple or even quadruple the volume after Black Friday and especially on Cyber Monday. Black Friday and the Christmas season is the best time of the year to take advantage of the TownSq Package Control feature, granting easy access to everything ordered online while ensuring packages stay safe through the delivery process.

The TownSq Package Control feature received an update earlier in the year that streamlined picking up packages solely based on user feedback. The feature received a new, sleek, fresh design as well as an updated,  user-friendly interface, making things faster and more comfortable for residents, boards, and the concierge in your community facility.

Getting the most out of Package Control

It takes a resident an average of 4 days to pick up their packages from the concierge in their community; that is an incredibly long time, especially with Black Friday coming up this week. There are many reasons that residents have not picked up their packages, more often than not, because they most likely have forgotten that they’ve ordered something and haven’t been notified that it has arrived. With TownSq, residents will always remember their packages. If a resident hasn’t picked up a package, the concierge in their facility can easily send a reminder to the resident, ensuring their Black Friday orders are received. Once the resident has picked a package up, they will receive an update in the app that they have received their items, clearing the TownSq app notifications.

Package Control also shows when a resident or a concierge has “last seen” a message regarding their packages within the app. Also, TownSq has implemented the new  “pending” tab, which communicates to residents which packages have not been picked up. Keeping up with these factors post-Black Friday will be of the utmost importance when assuring you receive your items in a timely, safe manner. To learn more about Package Control or some of the other recently updated features within the TownSq app, check out our blog post diving into new feature updates! Happy Thanksgiving!

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