"We have our website refreshed with a more modern look and relevant information. Documents are readily available for residents and they can use forums to share information. We have also been able to process architectural requests online through TownSq which significantly cuts down on the amount of time required. All in all, TownSq has provided us a tremendous amount of freedom to better manage our HOA and serve the community."

Ben Keethler
HOA Board Member

“The team at TownSq and our implementation specialist, Kyla Stearns were top notch with the onboarding process for our company to transition over 175 properties smoothly. The added piece of technology was just what our company needed to bridge the gap between homeowners and our staff. Once implemented TownSq continued to answer all of our questions through our first stages of use. Today, if we have questions the tech support has followed up with the same service.”

Roxanne Schuchardt
Property Manager, Kentucky Realty Corporation

“It’s exciting to see the evolution of TownSq as the premier communication tool in the community association industry. The team behind TownSq continues to innovate with helpful new features that help better serve our clients. Their latest feature release make it even easier to collaborate as a team to efficiently resolve homeowner requests. Keep up the great work TownSq!” - Mitch Kraus,

Mitch Kraus
VP, Community Management Goodwin & Company

“The convenience of TownSq is incredible when compared to the old system where each HOA/POA had to maintain its respective website. TownSq facilitates communication and provides ready access to all important documents and files.”

Lucy Garza
California Community