Neighbors play an extremely important role in your community and quality of life—they can be the difference between whether you’re excited to pull into your driveway at the end of a long day or if you quickly pull in and fasten the garage door shut behind you. With stakes that high, it’s important to know what being a good neighbor is so that you can identify the good neighbors in your community—and be one yourself.

  1. Good neighbors are friendly.

They are welcoming to newcomers. They introduce themselves, establish and maintain neighborly relationships, are approachable, and are social in their community.

  1. Good neighbors are helpful.

They are there to help when you need it. Whether it’s to borrow an egg, keep an eye on your home, or collect the mail while you’re away, you can rely on them for a helping hand.

  1. Good neighbors are respectful.

They are respectful of your relationship and your property. Good neighbors are tidy, quiet, understand boundaries, and follow community rules.

  1. Good neighbors communicate.

They communicate frequently and don’t participate in gossip. If an issue arises, the best neighbors aren’t passive-aggressive; they address the problem quickly and maturely to avoid further conflict.

  1. Good neighbors are active in their community.

They know what’s going on in their community. Good neighbors know the people who live around them, attend events, and are involved in making important neighborhood decisions.

What qualities do you think make someone a good neighbor? Share your thoughts in the comments!